Scenes of the Everyday

Scenes of the Everyday: Subway

Scenes of the Everyday: Subway,  Glass Elevator,  Bus Stop, 2 pm, 4 am
Angela Ferraiolo <>

Generative montage:
– five seven minute experimental videos
– context free grammars generate frame sequences
– can be live computed
– series is complete

Description:  Scenes of the Everyday is a series of five films that were shot on hi-res video, converted to single frames, and then reassembled dynamically by a computer algorithm.  These films present viewers with highly complex sequential structures and derive meaning from an elaborate sequencing of individual frames of video.

Theme: Scenes of the Everyday uses a generative algorithm known as a context free grammar to develop montage. The series is abstract, bit it also intends to explore the similarities between language and film sequencing. For instance, while watching a heavily edited film sequence, or an experimental video, it’s possible to sense a linguistic architecture in certain motifs. What video would look like if these motifs were manipulated algorithmically? What happens to montage if we step away from continuity, or the idea that a film is orchestrating the attention of the spectator by showing a logical sequence of elements from a scene? Scenes of the Everyday emphasizes, through juxtaposition, the clash between one shot and the next, but supposes that montage, like language, can be driven forward by a series of small bursts of meaning.


Scenes of the Everyday: Subway 


Scenes of the Everyday: Glass Elevator


Scenes of the Everyday: Bus Stop


Scenes of the Everyday: 2 pm


Scenes of the Everyday: 4 am