The Knife Cuts Two Ways

The Knife Cuts Two Ways, No. 1

The Knife Cuts Two Ways
Contact:  Angela Ferraiolo  <>
Link: cuts-two-ways/

A generative work for multiple screens:
– thirty looped segments of four minutes each
– agents collide across multiple layers onscreen
– constant motion
– not interactive
– series is complete
– requires no special equipment,  just a screen and media player
– playlist can be controlled through a street kiosk
– segments can be mixed and matched with video synchronizers
– can be reconfigured or composited for super-wide installations
– can be re-coded to fit the exact dimensions of an environment

Description:  Bright colors, continual motion, and repeating patterns are meant to keep this work interesting nearby and from a distance.  Close up, Knife seeks continual surprise and strives to reward attentive viewers with small, ongoing variations. From a distance, the work is a huge, billboard-sized comic book. Knife is meant to work across all cultures, ages, and orientations and should work well for public audiences.

Theme: Knife continues my interests in generative and systems art. It was abstracted from the pop styles of comic books, music festivals, and Superflat, but also inspired by the borderless perspective of scroll painting, flocking algorithms, and modular video.


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